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Final Take-Home Exam - through since the Tme of the death...

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Final Take-Home exam Into. Eas±ern Religions: 70B First read: WriTng mistakes to avoid in the Course-pack. Proof±read for spellingj grammar mistakes and avoid these mistakes² Your paper should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced, 1 inch margin all around³ It is due on 12.14 by 9 am in Clark Hall 414L² It must be submitted as a hard copy and not by email´ Final grades will be posted on 12³23 and not beforeµ Ques±ion² During the course of its life every religious community adapts to sociA realiTes and makes changes¶ Describe three histoRcal changes that the Buddhist ·adition has gone
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Unformatted text preview: through since the Tme of the death of the historical Buddha and as it spread om ndia to East sia? hese can be changes iN dociNe, ritual or lay-pracTce nalyze why (aNd roughly when) ese changes were made aNd how have these changing ideals been preseNted in art, ritUal and religious pracTces in both heravada and Mahayana commuNities? Give specific examples using technical terms xplain e technical terms in a short sentence or wiin a pareNthesis, as you would for someone who has Not taken this class...
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