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Final Take-Home exam Into. Eas±ern Religions: 70B First read: WriTng mistakes to avoid in the Course-pack. Proof±read for spellingj grammar mistakes and avoid these mistakes² Your paper should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced, 1 inch margin all around³ It is due on 12.14 by 9 am in Clark Hall 414L² It must be submitted as a hard copy and not by email´ Final grades will be posted on 12³23 and not beforeµ Ques±ion² During the course of its life every religious community adapts to sociA realiTes and makes changes¶ Describe three histoRcal changes that the Buddhist ·adition has gone
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Unformatted text preview: through since the Tme of the death of the historical Buddha and as it spread ¸om ¹ndia to East ºsia? »hese can be changes iN doc·iNe, ritual or lay-pracTce¼ ºnalyze why (aNd roughly when) ½ese changes were made aNd how have these changing ideals been preseNted in art, ritUal and religious pracTces in both »heravada and Mahayana commuNities? Give specific examples using technical terms¾ ¿xplain ½e technical terms in a short sentence or wi½in a pareNthesis, as you would for someone who has Not taken this classÀ...
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