Essay on Nazi Germany & the causes of the Holocaust

Essay on Nazi Germany & the causes of the Holocaust -...

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Fishel 1 English 1 B Deborah Nason 05-17-05 In the first days of the reign of Adolf Hitler in 1933, he realized failure awaited him if he did not restore pride to post-Versailles Germany. Hitler’s rise to power and the subsequent development of Nazi Germany led to horror, torture, and abuse: the Holocaust. The end of WWI and the Treaty of Versailles left Germany stripped of its land with a demand of huge reparations imposed on its people. The country was in disarray; with fading morale, and rapidly growing unemployment rate, the population was in desperate need of a hero. Mainly because of his strong speaking capabilities, Hitler quickly became leader of the Nazi party. However, his views on how to strengthen the country were not in keeping with normal social standards. Looking for someone to blame for the weakening of the government, Hitler used social parties such as Jews, the Polish and Homosexuals as scapegoats. Focused entirely on the “purity of blood,” Hitler discriminated against all people who did not fit into his Aryan race: blonde and blue-eyed. He had strong anti- semitic beliefs instilled in him at a young age, and as a result they persisted into his years as a political figure. In 1933 concentration camps were set up within the borders of Germany. The purpose of these camps was to detain Jews, Communists, Gypsies, homosexuals and others without due process. Due to the horror of disease, mistreatments, and malnutrition,
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Essay on Nazi Germany & the causes of the Holocaust -...

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