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Assgt 1 Diagnostic Revision Assignment - than what I’ve...

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English 1B Spring 2010 “Diagnostic” Revision Assignment Overview : Now that you’ve warmed up with the in-class diagnostic, here’s your chance to expand on your ideas and demonstrate your best writing at this point. Procedure: 1. Expand and improve your in-class draft by adding to your response to the Nicholas Kristof column, “Some Frank Talk About Haiti.” Your revision will include your response to the Kristof column, and to that you will add your response to another commentary on the Haiti situation, choosing from among the Wall Street Journal column by Bret Stephens, the comments from readers to his or Kristof’s column, and/or the email on Haiti that I got from Free the Slaves. All of these can be found on my course Web site under “Course Documents.” 2. You can also expand your in-class draft by adding specific facts, stories, or examples to support your claims, including data or quotes from some other source
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Unformatted text preview: than what I’ve offered (which you should cite, of course), and generally filling out your argument. You might also want to whittle down sections that now seem wordy or irrelevant. Of course, correct any grammar errors that you notice. Aim for 3 pages or so, at least 1000 words. (A little longer is OK, but no more than 1300 words, please.) 2. Bring two copies of your expanded/improved essay to the peer review workshop listed on the syllabus 3. Based on the advice you get and your own second or third thoughts, revise your draft one last time. 4. Submit your final draft to Print up the full receipt (which should include your full essay). 5. Bundle up the following and attach together with a large paper clip or staple: final draft (on top), peer review sheet (completed), rough draft, in-class draft, receipt. Bring this all to class at the beginning of class when it’s due . Remember, if you’re late, it’s late....
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