Strategic Management 189 Notes 9-8-09

Strategic Management 189 Notes 9-8-09 - Strategic...

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Strategic Management 189 Notes Chapter 2 1) Why does size matter? a) Economies of Learning – the more you do something the better you are at it b) Economies of Scope – When you create more variety which gives people more choices you increase sales because people get tired of the same products. Create more variety without raising production costs. c) Economies of Scale – The more you produce the cheaper things become. 2) Before doing SWOT Analysis a) Industry – automobile industry b) Sector – tires, auto parts producers, c) Segment – Intersection of 2 or 3 different features; a clustering of what customers want and what are the main features of products and the location i) Customer Characteristics ii) Product Features iii) Location/ place 3) Industry Boundaries a) Change because of Market Power; ex. Microsoft b) Industry’s are driven by Technology 4) SWOT for CoB (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) 5) Essential Diagrams a) Michael Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies Model works well for mature and declining stage. i) Cost Leadership Model ii) Differentiation Model (Focused/ narrow) b) Industry Life cycle 4 stages i) Embryonic ii) Growth/ Emerging (1) Not positive what our product or market is, but we do have an idea of what we are doing (2) Industry “shakeout” = smaller players are dropping out of the industry. iii) Mature
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Strategic Management 189 Notes 9-8-09 - Strategic...

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