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Frequently Asked Questions , Advisors Project Advisors Frequently Asked Questions Phyllis M. Connolly, Graduate Coordinator When do I have a Project Advisor? ANSWER: Once you submit the completed Application for an Advisor the Graduate Coordinator reviews and discusses your project with an appropriate faculty member. Once there is agreement about a good match, you will receive notice of the assigned faculty Project Advisor. You must have all incompletes cleared, all conditions met, and have reached Candidacy status. What is the role for the First Advisor? ANSWER: The First Advisor provides support and supervision of the student’s research project. Meetings are set with the student to review the proposal making any necessary suggestions for successful completion in a timely manner. The student prepares the IRB-HS application, the Advisor reviews and signs the application which the student then submits. A realistic time-line is developed if it is not already part of the student’s project proposal. Authorship agreements are discussed with both the First Advisor and Second Advisor following the guidelines in the course description for NURS 297. The Advisor reads, reviews and responds in a timely manner to the developing manuscript. In addition, the
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FAQ_Students_re_Advisorss08 - Frequently Asked Questions ,...

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