Planned_Change_and_the_OD_Practitioner - Culture Mgmt style...

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The Nature of Planned Change Organizational change Behavior changes include Lewin’s Change Model Unfreezing Moving Refreezing Why is participation important? Conditions that give rise to the need for OD OD process Individual Interpersonal Group Intergroup Action Research Elements of Design for Action Research Action follows research; research follows action! The Organization Development Practitioner Environment Vision Organizational Arrangements : Goals Strategies Structure Policies/procedures Administrative systems Reward systems Ownership Social Factors
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Unformatted text preview: : Culture Mgmt style Interaction process Networks Individual attributes Physical Setting : Space configuration Physical ambiance Interior design Architectural design Technology : Tools, equipment Information technology Work flow design Technical expertise & procedures Technical systems Consultant Activity Internal vs. External consultant Consultation Models 1. Purchase information or expertise 2. The Doctor-Patient Model 3. Process Consultation Cultural differences Ethics in OD...
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Planned_Change_and_the_OD_Practitioner - Culture Mgmt style...

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