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Hum 185 Spring 2010 Syllabus Accessible - Spring 2010 San...

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Spring 2010 San José State University Humanities 185 Instructor: Susan Verducci Sandford Office Location: Clark Hall 420D Telephone: 924-4459 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-10:15, by email and by appointment Class Days/Time: Online Classroom: Desire2Learn (D2L) Prerequisites: Upper division standing Class Website: Student Resources for D2L Help Desk (408) 924-2377 Course Description Humanities 185 is designed to introduce prospective K-8 teachers to California’s public school classrooms and the paths to take to become teachers in these classrooms. Coursework involves 50 hours experience in a public school classroom with a credentialed teacher supplemented by classroom meetings and homework assignments. Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives This course is designed to facilitate students’ development of the skills of reflective practitioners. It aims to train students to ask questions and pursue answers about what they see in classrooms. The course invites students to examine their own beliefs and assumptions about teaching and learning, as well as those of the teachers they observe. It aims to foster students’ abilities to perceive the underlying dynamics of classrooms and to connect these dynamics to broader issues in American education. It also aims to cultivate critical thinking about the complexities of schooling, including racial, ethnic and gender bias. Students will also become familiar with the California Standards for the Profession of Teaching.
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Spring 2010 Required Texts/Readings Readings and Assignments are due on the dates are listed on the Class Schedule. You can find all but one of the readings online through our course website. The exception, the reading on Motivation, will be available in Course Reserves at the Library. Course Requirements 50 hours of fieldwork in a public K-8 setting : These hours must be documented in an observation log. The log template can be found on the course website. It is also required that the observer complete the observation process by having the teacher write a letter on school stationary verifying the number of hours that the student observed in his/her classroom . This is due at the end of the course along with the completed log of observation hours and a copy of the thank you note sent your teacher. Class Participation : Classroom participation is 40% of your grade. You cannot pass this course without fully participating in the online discussions each and every week. Learning Units will have at least one discussion thread. Each student is required to contribute one original posting and reply to two others in EACH discussion thread. Thus, if there is more than one discussion, you will have to post two original posts and four replies. Replies are short; they can clarify, illustrate, validate, etc. If they are intended to validate a post, you must expand on why you are in agreement/disagreement with a post. Original postings require more time and thought to compose and can also clarify,
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Hum 185 Spring 2010 Syllabus Accessible - Spring 2010 San...

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