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San Jose State University Social Work 204: Social Policy Analysis Instructor: Amy D’Andrade Spring 2010 GUIDELINES: Policy Analysis Assignment Part 1: PROBLEM ANALYSIS In this section of the paper, you will want to describe a current social welfare problem and its scope and current impact on society. The section should be about 3 pages. Review related course readings: Chambers and Wedel, Chapter 1 (pp. 1-23), and Jansson, Chapter 7. Include the following information: 1) Problem definition. How is the problem defined and by whom? The definition should be specific, concrete and measurable. 2) Description of the magnitude of the problem . How big is the problem and who is this problem affecting? Include basic demographics: How many people is the problem affecting? What are the characteristics of the population experiencing the problem? Do
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Unformatted text preview: certain subgroups (by gender, ethnicity, language, age, etc.) suffer more than others? Be sure to use data and research to inform this section. 3) Identification of causes and consequences. What does the best available evidence suggest about the causes and consequences of the problem? You may include a causal diagram here. Overall, you are trying to make a strong case for the importance of the problem. As always, start with an introductory paragraph or two, and end with a summary paragraph. Remember that the initial submission is not graded; you will receive a completed grading rubric showing what you would have earned had it been graded, and thus what revisions are suggested. LENGTH OF FIRST DRAFT: Approximately 3-4 pages DUE Week 5: 2/23/10 (Tuesday class); 2/25/10 (Thursday class)...
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