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Midterm Study Material - S10 - CmpE 102 Midterm Study...

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Unformatted text preview: CmpE 102 Midterm Study Material The midterm examination is CLOSED BOOK, except that you can bring one sheet of paper (8 ½ x 11) with notes on both sides. Study the following material in the first 7 chapters of the text to prepare yourself for the exam: 1. Basic Concepts – translation languages; development environment; compilers; assemblers; linkers; real-time; debuggers; emulators; virtual machine concept and levels; number conversions. 2. IA-32 Processor Architecture- memory map; I/O map; basic components; Von Neumann architecture; Harvard architecture; program-stored computer; CPU flags; clock & instruction cycles; modes of operation; floating-point unit; cache memory; pipelining; superscalar architecture; memory read cycle; multitasking; CISC vs. RISC; IA-32 memory management; segment models; paging; motherboard components. 3. Assembly Language Fundamentals – integer; real number; character and string constants; program template; .data, .code and .stack directives; good code commenting; Fig. 3-1 (assemble-link-execute cycle); understanding and using equates commenting; Fig....
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Midterm Study Material - S10 - CmpE 102 Midterm Study...

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