Assignment 7 - 5/5/2009 Dr. Anderson Anthro 115 Assignment...

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5/5/2009 Dr. Anderson Anthro 115 Assignment 7: Ethnographic Paper (35 individual points) There we were all 40 of us, packed into a 16’X20’ room like a can of sardines. The ac was broken, and the heat from our bodies radiated. Sweat dripped down my forehead as I pushed my way through a bustling group of researchers. They were tall, they were short, they were brown, they were white, every race you could imagine all cramped into this tiny room, explaining their research, reporting on others, learning what really goes on in the in depth and lengthy process a commodity goes through before it makes it way to the “great consumers”, us. We were no more than a group of students in Dr. Jennifer Anderson’s Anthropology class, but for this one day we were advocates for change, here to educate others on the effects both social and environmental, that commodities have on our world, the effects that include contamination of our rivers and oceans, the negligent waste of our precious resources, and ultimately the desecration of our species. We spoke of gold, we spoke of diamonds, we spoke of plastic and paper, and we spoke of rice. We spoke of these things in our life that most never take the time to ask about, to ask, “where did this come from and how did it get here”, to ask,
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“what cost was incurred to bring this to me”, these are the questions we were asking. The answers to these questions open the mind to a realization of why we don’t ask, a
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Assignment 7 - 5/5/2009 Dr. Anderson Anthro 115 Assignment...

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