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GREENSHEET FOR CHEM100W Writing Workshop Chemistry (Sec. 01, code no. 22176) San Jose State University Location: DH 503 T,R 0830-0945 Instructor: Dr. Brooke Lustig Office: DH 417 Office Hours: M,T 1000-1045 Phone: 924-4968; Email: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a workshop designed to improve skills in scientific writing and speaking. The emphasis will be to further develop technical writing and oral presentation skills within a chemistry context. It is not designed solely as a lecture class , where these skills are to be developed by a series of writing and presentation assignments. Individual interaction, including feedback from the instructor, is also emphasized. PREREQUISITES: Junior level standing in chemistry, English 1A and either Chem 55 OR Chem 112A are required. Also, you must provide proof of having passed the Writing Skills Test (WST). Chem 100W is not an English class, but rather is a chemistry class in technical communication. Students are expected to have a proficient knowledge of English before entering Chem 100W. Students requiring remedial work in English will not be considered to be sufficiently prepared to satisfy the requirements in Chem 100W. COURSE MATERIALS : Handouts provided, including detailed assignment sheets. Supplementary text(s): The ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information , Coghill, A. M. & Garson, L. R. Ed.; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2006. The ACS Style Guide. A Manual for Authors and Editors ; Dodd, J. S., Ed.; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 1997 (or 1986). COURSE REQUIREMENTS AND GRADING: The following is a summary of assignments and their corresponding percentage of the final grade: 1. Short Oral Presentation 15% 2. Poster Presentation 15% 3. Review Paper 20% 4. Five in-class assignments (includes Future Studies for Minor Paper) 25% 5. Minor Paper (Background Section) 5% 6. Other writing and related assignments (including, but not exclusively, Plagiarism/Resume Quiz, Resume, Peer Editor Corrections, scored triple w/ extra credit, and Figure Legends) 5% 7. Subjective evaluation
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chem100ws10grnsht1a - GREENSHEET FOR CHEM100W Writing...

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