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Disc 1 - ChAD 106 Discussion#1 The Middle Ages The Roman...

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ChAD 106 ChAD 106 ChAD 106 Discussion #1 Discussion #1 The Middle Ages The Roman Empire: From mother’s womb to last will and testament (Veyne, 2003) Directions: Discuss the following topics with your group. Choose one member to record a summary of your group’s responses. Exposing the infant a) What does it mean when the article states “A citizen of Rome did not “have” a child; he “took” a child...” (Veyne, 2003, p. 9)? b) What were the reasons that an infant might be exposed? c) What were some differences in exposure between the different social classes? Birth and Contraception a) What kind of contraception was used in this time period? Was it effective? b) Do their beliefs about contraception still hold true today? Education a) Discuss the role that nurses (“pedagogues”) played in the lives of children. b) Is there an equivalent to this role in our society today? Adoption a) Does it seem that adoption was common during this time period?
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