Exercise 2 - checking validity

Exercise 2 - checking validity - 3 No men are women(e 1 All...

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Exercise 2 Decide whether each of the following arguments is valid and whether each is sound. (a.) 1. No one gets an A in PHIL 61 unless he or she turns in all the term papers. 2. Bryce (a PHIL 61 student) turned in all his term papers. 3. Bryce gets an A in PHIL 61. (b.) 1. All teachers have beards. 2. Albert Filice is a teacher. 3. Albert Filice has a beard. (c.) 1. Albert Filice teaches PHIL 61. 2. Albert Filice teaches PHIL 61. (d.) 1. All men are rational beings. 2. No rational beings are women.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. No men are women. (e.) 1. All humans will die. 2. All turtles will die. 3. Albert Filice is a turtle. 4. Albert Filice will die. (f.) 1. All communists favor the poor. 2. All democrats favor the poor. 3. All democrats are communists. (g.) 1. Vegetarians do not eat pork sausages. 2. Ghandi did not eat pork sausages. 3. Ghandi was a vegetarian. (h.) 1. Some humans teach philosophy. 2. Albert Filice teaches philosophy. 3. Albert Filice is a human....
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