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Notebook A s signment # 1: Paying Attention Due date: Wednesday, February 10 length: 1 page or more Please upload a copy to turnitin AND bring a hard copy to clas s for me. Include 1 piece of in-clas s writing (any length) in addition to the 1-page notebook a s signment. This should be your in-clas s writing from either Feb. 1, Feb. 3, or Feb. 8. Describe three different objects in as much detail as you can. The word “object” is very broad here: you may describe anything from a tree to a cup of coffee to a UFO, should you be fortunate enough to come across one in the next week. What I am looking for is description in strong detail, even if you think it goes a little overboard: it is always better to have too much at first rather than too little. Use as many senses as you reasonably can, and consider such things as the object’s shape, its texture, color (even down to such nitpicking as “is this thing orange, or is it more of a rust color?”),
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Unformatted text preview: sound if appropriate, smell and taste. If the writing leads you to free-associate beyond the sensory description, that’s fine—trust the process and where it leads. I would also like you to consider extending your description to a consideration of where this object may have come from, what its history was prior to your observation of it, and where it might be in five or fifty or a hundred years. Who might own it? Where might it end up? What were its travels and who might have observed your object before you? If it had a consciousness and could tell you about these things, what might you learn? Obviously a cup of coffee has a more fleeting life than, for example, a chair, but if you really think about everything that has come together to produce the coffee (and the cup, the milk, the sugar, etc.), you might find a lot to write about....
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