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113 Course Schedule 2010 - San Jose State University:...

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San Jose State University: Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism RECL 113: LEISURE: PHILOSOPHY AND EDUCATION TENTATIVE COURSE SCHEDULE – SPRING 2010 Class Topic Complete this reading/assignment by date indicated 1/26 Class Overview 1/28 Personal Relevance; Assignments Overview Significance of leisure, play and recreation. Use of Leisure Time (Nash) 2/2 What is Leisure Education? Pivotal Role of Leisure, Recreation and Play in Our Lives. Complete all 4 leisure assessments; 1. Leisure Education in the Schools. 5 1/2 pages 2. A Taxonomy of Leisure Education Goals. 2 pages 3. Staking our claim: why leisure is still significant in these troubling times. 3 pages 4. The pivotal role of leisure education: finding personal fulfillment. 5 pages 2/4 Serious Leisure; Guest Laurie Morgan Reading “Educating for Serious Leisure…”; Complete “Life’s in the Balance ” homework packet, Questions posted on faculty webpage pertaining to a reading. 2/9 Leisure Education Levy 2/11 Leisure Education Mundy, Chap I Philosophical considerations in leisure education; Mundy Chap II Leisure Problems 2/16 No Class - Faculty Furlough 2/18 Leisure Education Online class--Mundy Model III; Leisure Ed Models;
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113 Course Schedule 2010 - San Jose State University:...

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