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DIVERSE POPULATIONS AND HEALTH CARE Nurs 204, 3 Units THE INITIAL BRIEF PAPER 25 POINTS A Brief Personal Cultural Assessment. NAME: DUE INCLUDE this grading sheet Submit your paper to the Assignment area in WebCT; Post a copy of the paper on the Discussion Board in the designated area. CRITERIA POINTS 1. Prepare a paper of 3-5 pages that is clearly written in APA (2001) format. Include an ______5 abstract and a reference list with at least 3 references. Strict attention to clarity, grammar, punctuation, and APA format is required in each section of the paper to earn full credit. The World Wide Web should be used for at least 1 reference. Read Chapter 2 of your APA publication manual prior to writing your paper. Read it again as a check list for your writing style, e.g. using active voice. 2. Describe 3 cultural attributes, practices, attitudes, values, or beliefs of your ______2 ethnic, cultural, and/or racial population group. Use seriation that employs 1, 2, 3. 3. Describe 3 other characteristics affecting health that are associated with your
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