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Review Questions Chapter 14 1. List the components of the lateral and ventromedial descending spinal pathways. Which type of movement does each path control? 2. PET scans can be used to measure blood flow in the cerebral cortex. What parts of the cortex show increased blood flow when a subject is asked to think about moving her right finger? 3. Why is dopa used to treat Parkinson’s disease? How does it act to alleviate the
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Unformatted text preview: symptoms? 4. What kinds of information does the cerebellum need in order to compare intended movements with actual movements? 5. In Huntington’s disease, which neurons in the basal ganglia are the main ones that degenerate? How does this change the main output of the basal ganglia? At the genetic level, what has been found to be the problem in Huntington’s disease?...
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