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Grading Criteria for First Short Paper (Ethical Theories) I will adhere to the following criteria while grading your first short paper. Your paper must be typed and double-spaced (Times New Roman, size 12). Aim to execute each sentence with clarity and precision. Again, no late papers will be accepted without a documented medical (or similarly strong) excuse in advance. Be sure to include your name, course title and section number. Please do not reiterate the question on your paper. Grade = A (3.6 — 4.0) . Shows strong command of moral concepts and arguments. Ideas are sometimes insightful. Critical analysis goes beyond correct reporting of class discussion and texts. Uses sophisticated sentences effectively. Words chosen with precision. Might make a few minor proofreading errors. Grade = B (3.20 — 3.59) . Shows good understanding
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Unformatted text preview: of moral concepts and arguments. Main ideas from class materials are accurately presented. Might have a few inaccuracies on minor points. One or more mechanical and stylistic problems occur with some regularity–for e.g., imprecise word choices, awkward sentences, weak transitions, inadequate proofreading. Grade = C (2.80 — 3.19). Shows an average understanding of the moral concepts and arguments. Persistent inaccuracies on minor points and occasional confusion on major points. A few major grammatical errors. Sentences are frequently awkward, wordy, or unclear. Little evidence of proofreading. Grade = D (2.40 — 2.79). Confusion regarding significant ideas. Little evidence of reading the text or listening to class lectures. Averages a major grammatical error on every page. Very sloppy writing....
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