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Assignment_Brecht and Boal

Assignment_Brecht and Boal - and art How are they related...

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TA 201: Theoretical Perspectives in the Performing Arts Dr. Alison McKee Spring 2010 Group Literature Search: Brecht or Boal March 1: Presentation of Literature Search and Resulting Information Instructions : Each group will present the results of a literature search on the topic of Bertolt Brecht or Augusto Boal. Think of this as a one-week blitz assignment. You will collaborate with your peers to identify and coordinate as much key information about these important theatrical figures, their artistic contributions to their art, and their significance within their fields. Your classmates depend on you to fill them in on Brecht or Boal in an informed and concise manner. Both they and you may end up using the information you identify as important in M.A. exams. Components : A single written summary (no more than 5 pages) that identifies the following: o What does the artist identify as central questions or problems in his writings
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Unformatted text preview: and art? How are they related to the cultural context in which he developed? o What kind of methods or approaches does he use to address that question or problem? o What kinds of references or allusions does he make in sketching out the relevant artistic or intellectual issues? o What are his most well-known works and why? o What are the most well-known works about him? Bibliography of Key Sources (formatted according to MLA standards) Each group will produce a SINGLE document, but each group member will participate in the oral presentation of its findings. (These presentations, however, are informal. Don ’ t dress up, don ’ t plan PowerPoint presentations, etc.) The class period will be equally devoted to Brecht and Boal (so figure an hour for presentation of your group findings and class discussion of them)....
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