ENGL22 The Invisible Country

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“The Invisible Country” 1. As you can read in the little Afterword to the story, the author wrote this for a collection of stories “in which conflict was resolved without violence,” an anthology motivated by a reaction against “the proliferation of militaristic science fiction” prevalent when it was written. Considering this goal, do you think the story is effective as a way of helping people imagine a plausibly hopeful future for the world? Discuss, being as specific as you can about what is or is not plausible. This story does not seem effective as a way for people to be hopeful for a better world, because frankly, it does seem completely plausible. However, it is certainly plausible that science can improve human bodies, but they way to improvemnet in the story does
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Unformatted text preview: not seem believable. For instance, a pigs heart replacing a human heart? While that may be possible, it probably would not last long, because a pigs body is different from humans body. Therefore, its heart may not contain all the biological structure that a human body may need. One possible thing could be bone structure replacements, as it probably does not cause critical downturns to the body as a heart replacement provided by an animal would cause. Another plausible thing is most likely the medicine, such as Camerons painkillers. New medication can always have the possibility of having a good effect....
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