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EDSC 173 Constructivist Lesson Plan/Rationale Grading Rubric 45 total points possible Lesson Plan – 9 pts possible Points Lesson Plan Checklist 1 State standards are identified (and appropriately addressed through lesson) 1 Objectives of the lesson are clearly stated (and aligned with state standards) 1 Students’ prior knowledge on topic is elicited 1 One or two learning strategies are directly taught and/or practiced 1 Context and content is provided through visuals, graphic organizers, manipulatives, etc. 1 Cooperative learning activity and active practice with new information is evident 1 Authentic assessment is included 1 Questions for higher-order thinking are posed 1 Lesson objectives, learning activities, and assessment are well-aligned Rationale/Analysis -- 36 pts possible Unsatisfactory (1-3) Satisfactory (4-6) Exemplary (7-9) Description of Constructivist Concepts Provides an incomplete description of constructivist concepts underlying lesson and choice of methods, strategies and materials
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