Homework 2B - Jl C'tl LS So 39 4o 4s So<r z-p(xz4o o...

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/t. t' trvs 24) /7c a,- t{u' ll,cs\+ lls nl zb, 2(,ns)+S(r,:o< (,ro)7 s6,rs-)r 4 {,rs_) *-7/.tr\ " .,, o( ,, I f -. , .- ,. V;ut;.-(t \''' /) ,.t -\ t-, c) a-, A
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Unformatted text preview: Jl C, 'tl LS So 39 4o 4s So <r z--p (xz4o\ _- '*# -- o-, / \ 4S-/O L(x=42) =:i*-,1 /i'*=5.1) = X= Ze+,tt , n: :,27/as-49, z...
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