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week6post - You can always call on the leader to make sure...

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You can always call on the leader to make sure the job gets done according to the task at hand, but you better have really good leader. What makes a good leader? Well, there are many styles and characteristics that make one so successful. After reading In Mixed Company , I am able to determine that leadership and communication is the best theory for a good leader. The two concepts go hand-in-hand, or as Rothwell put it as, “Leadership and Communication: Duct-Taped Together.” The key to an effective leader is establishing a close relationship between the leader and followers. It is vital that the followers feel very comfortable with their position and are able to have sufficient input when working. The leader should always expand the communication boundaries and make sure that everyone participates. Leaders should not feel much authority over their followers; rather, the leader’s task is to speak and represent the group. If a leader does not keep this is in his mind as first priority, he or she is risking failure. The followers make
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