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Hist 188 S10 syllabus (large class format)

Hist 188 S10 syllabus (large class format) - San Jos State...

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History of Women in the U.S., Hist 188, S10 Page 1 of 7 San José State University College of Social Sciences/Department of History History 188/History of Women in the U.S./Sect. 1/S10 Instructor: Dr. Patricia Evridge Hill Office Location: DMH 134 Telephone: (408) 924-5755 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesdays 1:15-2:15. If this time is not convenient, please make an appointment through the history department office staff at (408) 924-5500. Send email related to course content to [email protected] or call (408) 924- 5755, but make all appointments through the office staff. Class Days/Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays noon to 1:15 pm Classroom: DMH 165 Prerequisites: Core GE, WST, upper-division standing, completion of or currently enrolled in 100W GE/SJSU Studies Category: S Faculty Web Page and MYSJSU Messaging Copies of some course materials such as the syllabus may be found on my faculty web page at http://www.sjsu.edu/people/patricia.hill or accessible through the Quick Links>Faculty Web Page links on the SJSU home page. You are responsible for regularly checking with the messaging system through MySJSU. If I must cancel class and have the ability to do so, I will send an email message through MySJSU in order to save as many of you as possible a trip to campus. Course Description from the University catalog A multi-faceted history of women in the United States from colonial times to the present. 3 units.
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History of Women in the U.S., Hist 188, S10 Page 2 of 7 for this section —This course surveys American women’s history from the col onial period to the present. Through lectures, case studies, discussions, films, and music, we will consider historical contexts in which American women have shaped (and have been shaped by) social, economic, political, and cultural institutions. The class will focus on relationships between individuals, ethnic/racial groups, and cultural groups in order to better understand and appreciate the diversity of American institutions and cultures. In addition, course reading and materials presented in class will highlight historical and contemporary inequities and efforts by individuals and groups to further America’s unfinished journey toward a truly egalitarian society. The class is especially appropriate for History majors and minors, Social Science majors pursuing gender as a topic, students completing the social science subject matter preparation requirements prior to entering a teaching credential program, and undergraduates from any major seeking to satisfy GE Area S. Course Goals and Student Learning Objectives With a particular emphasis on the historical experiences of women, students will study the interrelationship of individuals, racial groups, and cultural groups to understand and appreciate issues of diversity, equality, and structured inequality in the U.S., its institutions, and its cultures.
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Hist 188 S10 syllabus (large class format) - San Jos State...

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