Early Childhood

Early Childhood - Chad 60 28 Oct 09 EARLY...

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Chad 60 28 Oct 09 EARLY CHILDHOOD (PRESCHOOL YEARS) INTRO 2 Roots firmly rooted at home also exploring outside world (daycare, aunts house, etc.) Mesosystem effects begin here usually FAMILY/ PARENTING/ DISCIPLINE Diana Baumrina visited in homes of children to watch development of personality shifted focus to look at parenting styles developed 4 parenting styles Authoritarian People who:  like lots of structure, organization, rules. career in military or large corporation with explicit ranks usually participants in a structured religion fairly unlikely to take risks; very cautious Goals for kids:  team player fit in well-behaved, obedient Parenting looks like: may seem unyielding when child asks why about rules, parent sees as insubordination and will become angry children do not have a lot of opportunity to self-monitor and self-regulate power-assertive/ coercive discipline: use power & standing to threaten and justify disappoint- ment and coerce child into behaving Child’s behavior: when out of parent’s sight, either go nuts b/c no impulse control or stay still and do not do any- thing for fear of breaking a rule Permissive People who: hate structure, rules like to be left to their own devices and self-direct Goals for kids: Baumrina’s Parenting StylesLess Demanding or ControllingHighly Demanding or Controlling D Highly supportive PermissiveAuthoritative P Less supportive Dismissive/ NeglectingAuthoritarian D
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Chad 60 28 Oct 09 be happy lots of opportunities Parenting looks like: no official bedtime, rules like that household revolves around the child Child’s behavior: hard to be in controlled social environment often also have issues self-monitoring and self-regulating Authoritative (predominate in US) People who: career will be diagnostic in nature: mechanics, lawyers, teachers bored with repetition; but can turn monotony into engaging process difficulty reaching closure b/c always looking for another variable or another circumstance they  haven’t considered Goals for kids: I can’t predict world, so I want them to decide what makes them happy
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Early Childhood - Chad 60 28 Oct 09 EARLY...

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