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Mexican Independence

Mexican Independence - The formation of the Mexican...

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The formation of the Mexican Independence involves a serious of political events that sparked the revolution of Mexico from Spain. The Mexican Independence was more of a political war between Mexico, what was then called New Spain, and Spain rather than a military war. Although there was military warfare the political effort had a greater roll in the formation of the independence. This essay will focus more on the political events that helped shape the independence of Mexico right before the Hidalgo Revolt. The process of the Mexican Independence started back in Spain when it went into wars against the French and the English. Even though the French Revolution and the wars that followed forced the Spanish government to make extreme financial demands, Colonial Mexicans still remained loyal to the King. The wars against the French Republic put Spain in a poor economic state which forced the Crown to raise taxes and levies. It issued bonds named vales reales and it deprived church property. When Paris imposed a treaty that would bind Spain and France it made Spain an enemy with England forcing them into wars against the English, which would strain the economy even more. The Peace of Amiens, enacted in 1802, ended the hostilities between Spain and England which allowed for the economy to revive. As a result of the surviving economy the government began to withdraw vales reales from distribution. In 1804 France and Spain were again at war with England. The English defeat at Trafalgar destroyed the Spanish navy and the French Blockade of 1806. The country’s poor economic and politics were mainly blamed on Manuel Godoy who governed Spain during1793-1808. Godoy had no adequate education, political or administrative experience. He gained the power of the Crown simply because he had support from the king and queen which made him a valido (crown favorite).
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Then in 1807 Napoleon Bonaparte obtained permission to cross over Spain in order to occupy Portugal. Once he was in the country he lured the royal family into France and forced
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