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History 210b Hill—Spring 2010 INSTRUCTIONS FOR ON-LINE SLAVE NARRATIVE EXERCISE On a computer with the capacity to view large files, go to the University of North Carolina Library’s Documenting the American South project. Click on Collections and scroll down to find the North American Slave Narratives . Follow this route: http://docsouth.unc.edu Collections North American Slave Narratives Introduction (read this) Back (go back to the North American Slave Narratives page) Browse the Collection Alphabetically Read the Introduction carefully in order to establish a historical and literary context. Then point to Browse the Collection Alphabetically . Choose at least three slave narratives. After you click on the name of a narrative, click on the HTML file under the heading Full Text . This file will begin with citation information, and is usually followed by a visual—sometimes a photograph of
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Unformatted text preview: the subject or of the historic book—and then by the text of the slave narrative itself. Submit your notes for this project to me in class on March 4. Include citation information for the three chosen narratives. Read the introductory material and table of contents for each source, and skim enough of the texts to become acquainted with the authors’ styles, intents, and the basics of the narratives. In no more than a single page for each text, respond to the following questions: 1) Did/how did this primary source change/affect your understanding of North American slavery? 2) How does this document fit into the overall context of slave narratives established in the Introduction to the collection? 3) How might an awareness of electronic sources such as these affect your own teaching and/or learning?...
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