WAC #4 - Khanh Tran#44 Huyen Nguyen#28 BUS183 GLOBAL...

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Khanh Tran#44 Huyen Nguyen #28 BUS183 – GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP WAC4: FROM SLUSH PUPPY TO ICE KING 1. Why is the “Ice King” (Frederick Tudor) considered as one of the great early American? Entrepreneurs? a. Cite some case facts that indicate his success. 1) Fredric understood that in order for his business to be successful, he had to expand the market. He came up with the idea of “water cooling jar” where he marketed with great success to coffee houses, also taught the locals to make ice cream using ice and salt. Also he figure that he can make money going both ways, when traveling one way to sell the ice, he could take on fruits back to America and use the ice to keep the fruits fresh. 2) A mental win, even though he was arrested several times, he never gave up, he even said “ It is an event which I think I could not have avoided; but it is a climax which I did hope to have escaped… but it has taken place and I have endeavored to meet it as I would the tempest of heaven, which should serve to strengthen than reduce the spirit of a true man.” “Laid on my back to reflect upon what was to be done next. I smiled to think that any one should believe I was beaten” 3) Given issues with his monopoly rights in Cuba he found other means to make money, instead of investing any further, he invented and sold little ice houses in Charleston, South Carolina that consumers could operate using 3lbs of ice a day which enable house hold to preserve the life of fruits and vegetables and meat. 4) What made Fredric Tudor truly successful was his ability to adapt and diversify in any situation. He created and ice market, he created demand, he marketed his product at a loss to stir interest, he educated people in the different uses of ice. Fredric Tudor was a true Entreprenuer. b. Discuss the key success factors of the Ice King in the following areas:
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WAC #4 - Khanh Tran#44 Huyen Nguyen#28 BUS183 GLOBAL...

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