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SPSS Trrtorial: T-TEST (byf. Louie, R. A. Creating Excef fiLe: aarD cHI-sQuARE Rieta and A. 1. Refer to the "Sample Data,, sheet on the last page of this handout. Use Excel to create a spread.sheet file of the same data. Make sure to include the column headings of "Participant Number,,, "Stock Outcome.,, "Price, " and "Decision. " Note the following. When this is complete, for the purpose of this exercise, nalne and save the file as ,'Sample Data,, on "desktop", on a disk, or on a USB drive. NOTE: Until Close Excel. B- Using SPSS to Compare Two Means (ExamtrsJe = t-test) 1.openSPSS.(InthecomputerIab,clickonPrograns> Apps -> SPSS for Windows. ) When asked, .WhaE would you like to do", choose "Tlpe in data,, and click *oK- " 2. Use the "File" option to select "Data. " Select the appropriate drive and fol_der where the "Sample Dat.a" Excef file is saved,. t]pe" from SPSS to Excel. Open the "Sample Dar-a" Excel file. screen, make sure there is a check "Read variable names from the first This way SPSS will label the columns variables on the Excel sheet. Click Use the "Aralyze" opLion to select then "Independent-Samples T Test.,, 2. 3. 4. EXAIIIPIJES Vu) " and then Change "Files of On the next in the box next to row of data. " according to the "oK. " "Compare Means,'
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-t. 6. Click on the variable in the left column that needs to be analyzed (in this case it would be "Price") Using the arrow between Ehe col-umns, add it to the top box in the right column labeled "Test Variable (s) . " Click on the variable by which the dat-a will
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Bus134AFal08NoteChiTtest.pdf - SPSS Trrtorial: T-TEST aarD...

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