History of Toys-Play - Assignment Summary To help students...

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History of Toys and Play Assignment Summary To help students place contemporary developments in cultural, historical, environmental, and spatial contexts, students will write a 4-page paper on the history of children’s toys and play {LO1}. In this paper, students will need to include examples from at least one non-Western culture, discuss how toys have changed as we progressed from a world where toys were hand- crafted to one in which mass production is the norm, examine the way that a media-driven world has impacted the nature of children’s toys and play, and how changes in society (e.g., a move from rural to urban to suburban lifestyles, working mothers, disbursed extended families) have impacted children’s toys and play. You will need to cite your web sources in correct APA format at the end. This paper should be 4 pages of text (1000 words) How to Approach the Assignment – Historical Times To do this assignment, for the first half, you will want to explore various museum web-sites to explore their artifacts on-line. (There is a list of suggested sources at the end of this document). You will use the images you see there to describe children in historical times. What do these images tell you about children’s toys and children’s play in historical times. Be sure to include one toy from each era and one painting from each era that feature a child from a non-western culture. I Toys A You should examine three historical times (prior to 1800 , 1800-1900 , 1900-2000 ). You should look at a minimum of 6 toys from each period (18 all total). Use the images of the toys you see to describe general trends you see in the types of toys common in each period. 1 Half the toys you examine in each period should be common toys that are present in all three eras (e.g., dolls, mechanical toys) 2 Half the toys should be ones that are unique to that time period. B What are the general, global changes in children’s toys you see over time? C What do these changes in toys suggest for children’s activities? D
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History of Toys-Play - Assignment Summary To help students...

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