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Calendar rev Spring 2010Nurs 137

Calendar rev Spring 2010Nurs 137 - Nurs 137 Professional...

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Nurs 137: Professional Role Development (all sections) Spring 2010 Course Schedule Week Date Topics, Readings, Assignments, Deadlines 1 1/29/2010 Course overview; webcasting; assignments; selection of semester representatives to Semester 7 committee. Video #243 (Mosby): Home visitation and documentation. Communication with professionals in the community . [SLO 1,2] 2 2/5/2010 Communication in the mental health setting. Simulation activities (in class). [SLO 3, 6, 7] (Small group assignments for prioritization activity due on 2/19/10) 3 2/12/10 Small groups work on prioritization activity (outside of class work) CLASS Does Not Meet Today 4 2/19/10 Community health family caseload discussions. Communication in the community health setting. (Small groups complete written summary of cases to be submitted to faculty on 2/19) [SLO 2 – 7] 5 2/26/10 Campus and faculty furlough day. Class does not meet . Out of class assignment: Complete OMAHA System Activity to be discussed on 3/5/10 6 3/5/10 Documenting Nursing Care: Using the Omaha System
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