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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing – Graduate Newsletter Number 45 – Spring (December 2007) Providing excellence in nursing education through innovation and creativity to serve the needs of diverse communities. Graduate Coordinator Update There is nothing permanent except change SJSU SON Celebrates 50 Years Twenty students completed their projects and Orals presentations on December 11 th ; this included our second Cohort of our Nurse Educators fellows. These graduates will begin their 3 years of teaching in one of the registered nursing programs in the designated counties in the bay area. They are to be commended for completing all the requirements of the master’s of science in 16 months, not an easy task. We look forward to several of the graduates joining our faculty in the Spring. The completion of one Cohort and this Spring our last Cohort will begin their 16 month program with Orientation on January 16 th . We are excited and somewhat sad that this will be our last funded program and are still very grateful for the Moore Foundation funding which allowed us and the students an opportunity to prepare faculty that believe and we believe are on the cutting edge of teaching. I would like to extend a special thank you to all the First and Second Project Advisors who truly facilitated the success of all of the 20 students who were able to finish this semester. All the graduates are requested to complete the EBI Master’s Exit Survey which provides us with useful data regarding the quality of our program and our outcomes. Please be sure to complete survey, you should have received an invitation by email, so please check. As always we have many changes this coming Spring, I will be serving as interim Director for the School of Nursing while Dr. Cohen takes a well earned sabbatical. And, Dr. Canham, the School Nurse Coordinator will serve as interim Graduate Coordinator. You will be in good hands with Dr. Canham, she covers for me whenever I am away and has been very successful with our Professional Nurse Traineeship Grant, another labor of love each year as the forms, date, process and deadlines change. Yet another change will take place in our Family Nurse Practitioner option (FNP). After great deliberations, due diligence and reflections, a decision has been made to place our FNP option “on the shelf” until there is a market demand to open the option again. The market has changed for the FNP and locally two of our major employers are not hiring FNPs. There seems to be a trend with others. Our student numbers have been falling and in fact the numbers have been very low for over a year. We will continue to provide the courses so that our current students and those starting in Spring 2008 are able to complete the program. We owe a great deal of gratitude and appreciation to the co-directors, Karen Ketner and Ruth Rosenblum who serve above and beyond. They have done a great deal to recruit potential students. Current students will be contacted about the program, and advising plans will be developed.
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