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PCR Procedure, F09 - 2 to achieve specified final...

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PCR Procedure Pipette the following into a 0.5 mL PCR tube or a microcentrifuge tube (as instructed) on ice using barrier tips for all solutions: 1. 5 uL HotStart PCR buffer 2. 1uL dNTP mix 3. 2.5 uL of forward and reverse primers (10 uM stock; you will have to make this from 100 uM) 4. Appropriate volume of 25mM MgCl
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Unformatted text preview: 2 to achieve specified final concentration 5. 5 uL of genomic DNA 6. 0.4 uL HotStart Taq polymerase 7. Enough nuclease free H 2 O to bring the total volume to 50 uL Mix and spin briefly (with a pulse). Place tube into hot thermocycler immediately. Run thermocycler using the Trp program....
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