1-31-08 Notes

1-31-08 Notes - 1. Buyer Power 2. Supplier Power 3. Threat...

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BUS 188 1/31/08 CH1 IT Different Resources - Computers - People - Cultures - Etc. IT Manager - Oversee the project - Keep Clients Happy - Watch how the resources are used (Protect the resources) - Quality Control - Etc. Leader - Strategy to protect the resources - Public relations - Investments - Speech skills - Persuasion skills - Public relations Highest paying job in IT Chief Information Officer (CIO) Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Chief Security Officer (CSO) Chief Admin Officer (CAO) Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) IT Tools How to measure the effectiveness of the information technology? Use Metrics to measure efficiency of IT. - # of transactions / sec. - Throughput - Millions of Instruction Per Second (MIPS) - Availability - Security - Accuracy - Effectiveness a. Usability (simple?) b. Finance
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Work Environment Competitive Force Model
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Buyer Power 2. Supplier Power 3. Threat of Substitution 4. Threat of 5. d Strategies on how IT is helping? Cost Leadership Make changes in the cost to change the cost of the product in the market and the competition Differentiation have some value that is different than the competition Focused on Cost or Differentiation Innovative Data mining to find patterns or different things (evaluation of the data) Expansion get bigger, open new offices and others Alliance Team up to gain larger share of the market Value Chain Analysis*************midterm wall-mart Primary Value Support Value N bound Logistics Administrative Production Procurement Out bound logistics R&D Marketing and sales HR Customer support...
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1-31-08 Notes - 1. Buyer Power 2. Supplier Power 3. Threat...

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