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Study Guide for final

Study Guide for final - Wason four-card problem Mental...

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Study Guide for Chapters 12 – 14 for final Psyc 135 S10 – Bob Cooper Inductive judgment Normative account Availability Heuristic Representativeness Sample size Instructions about representativeness Anchoring Covariation (including illusory) Confirmation bias Base rate Dual process models Situation information and judgments Deduction Confirmation bias Belief perseverance Syllogisms Modus tollens and modus ponens
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Unformatted text preview: Wason four-card problem Mental models Utility theory Framing effects Risk-seeking/risk-averse Emotions and decision making Problem solving Initial state Problem space Goal state Operators Problem-solving heuristics Hill-climbing Analogies Expert problem solvers Chunking and subgoals Ill-defined and well-defined problems Functional Fixedness Einstellung Wallas’s four stages...
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  • Cooper,Robert
  • Deduction Confirmation bias, perseverance Syllogisms Modus, Inductive judgment Normative, problem solvers Chunking, modus ponens Wason

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