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I.D. # 001983840 – Bus 187 – Tidbit #5 Tidbit #5: “Honda to unveil hybrid sports car.” Yahoo News, posted on 10/09/2007 http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071009/ap_on_bi_ge/japan_honda_hybrid_sports_car;_ylt= Asr9XWeVe1VLGdnBtEgfk62yBhIF Honda has reviled a hybrid sports car. The name of the car is CR-Z. CR-Z will make its first appearance on the 2007 biannual Tokyo Auto Show opening this month. Honda stated that the CR-Z will have every thing; power of a muscle car, look of a sports car, and the gas mileage of a hybrid. Honda also stated that this is some thing that the rivals can’t offer. And Honda feels that the hybrids are the future of the automobile industry. Most of the hybrids are bulky in design because of the design and the size of the gas and electric hybrid engine. Honda developed a new hybrid that is not bulky so that the design
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Unformatted text preview: could be more sleek and sporty. Honda has sold over 220,000 hybrids world wide, and they want to prove that the future of automobile industry, hybrid, could be environment friendly, sporty and powerful. Personal Analysis: This is a big step for Honda. They want to be competitive to other automobile companies. After Lexus introducing luxury sports hybrid, GS450h, Honda is trying to be more competitive in the market of luxury sports. This lead in the market will cause other automobile companies to react and follow the trend that Toyota and Honda has set. The bias against the hybrids will start to look the other way because there will be less things to complain about the new hybrids, mostly design and power. This may be a start of the new boom in the automotive industry....
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