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Questions for Stars My Destination Directions: If you want extra credit for this novel, read it and then write a page or two in response to one or more of these questions. I would prefer a well developed essay to a series of short answers, so don’t try to do them all. (20 points possible) Due T 5/4 Please type them! 1. The story is modeled after The Count of Monte Cristo . If you have read that, or seen a movie version, discuss the similarities, both of plot and theme. What are some significant differences? 2. If you are familiar with the Firefly series, discuss the episode “Out of Gas” in relation to Bester’s novel. Do you think there are enough similarities to suspect that Joss Whedon was inspired by the novel? You might also more broadly compare the novel’s vision of a human-populated galaxy with Joss Whedon’s vision. 3. In his introduction to Bester’s novel, Neil Gaiman writes that “what makes The Stars My Destination more interesting—and ten years on, less dated—than most
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Unformatted text preview: cyberpunk is watching Gully Foyle become a moral creature, during his sequence of transfigurations (keep all heroes going long enough, and they become gods). Is this an accurate assessment of the protagonists development? Why or why not? 4. If Gully Foyle could be considered a metahuman, how might he fit into the Kingdom Come story? Would he wind up in the gulag, or align himself with the Justice League, or Batman, or what? See especially pp. 250-255. 5. This story is not likely to be a feminists favorite science fiction book ever, but there are some strong women characters: Robin, Jez, and Olivia. Are they just there as eye candy, or are they essential to the meaning of the work, or what? 6. How does Besters view of humanitys destiny in spaceand on Earthrelate to Bradburys vision in The Martian Chronicles ? 7. How does Gully Goyles story arc relate to the Heros Journey, as articulated by Campbell (see Web site summary)?...
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