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WebQuest 3 “Just for Fun” Source: http://www.glencoe.com/sec/math/prealg/prealg03/webquest/index.php4/na/unit3 Summary: You will be researching a recreational activity like, shopping in a mall, watching a game, or going to the movies. Things that you need to turn in for a grade I. You need to prepare a poster or a WebPage that should in include the following information: the name of the activity you have selected; a brief history or the background of the activity; a scatter plot of some type of data for the selected activity. You must make a prediction about the future of the activity using this scatter plot.; an explanation of your prediction and how you made it using the scatter plot; two more graphs, tables, calculations, or timelines about the activity that you chose. II. Answers to the questions in the “Questions” section of the WebQuest: A. Aislyn decides to research attending sports events for her project. She finds these data on attendance at NBA basketball games and NFL football games. The table shows the total
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WebQuest_III - WebQuest 3 "Just for Fun" Source:

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