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Possible test questions Green revolution - Green Revolution refers to the transformation of agriculture that began in 1945. One significant factor in this revolution was the Mexican government's request to establish an agricultural research station to develop more varieties of wheat that could be used to feed the rapidly growing population of the country. In 1943, Mexico imported half its wheat, but by 1956, the Green Revolution had made Mexico self-sufficient; by 1964, Mexico exported half a million tons of wheat. [1] The associated transformation has continued as the result of programs of agricultural research,
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Unformatted text preview: extension, and infrastructural development. These programs were instigated and largely funded by the Rockefeller Foundation , along with the Ford Foundation and among other major agencies. [2] [3] The Green Revolution allowed food production to keep pace with worldwide population growth , in turn causing human population to increase. [ citation needed ] The Green Revolution has had major social and ecological impacts, making it a popular topic of study among sociologists ....
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