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ANTH 143 Case Studies The following questions are intended to direct your thinking toward comparative analysis of cultural adaptations, rituals, and interpretation of frames of knowledge. These articles force you to change your perspective on such questions as; what is ritual? what is science? what is an adaptation? 1. In Richard Nelson’s article relating “Eskimo Science”, he draws parallels between traditional knowledge and “western” scientific traditions of knowledge. Describe how “Eskimo science” is
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Unformatted text preview: similar to modern concepts of scientific practice, and how they differ. 2. What are some examples of Eskimo science that might be interpreted as ritual or magic from the perspective of western scientific traditions? 3. How has Eskimo science, in Nelson’s view, benefited the survival of Eskimo culture? 4. What is meant by biophilia in the context of Eskimo? In what ways is this different from current western societal values? Understanding Eskimo Science, 1993 Richard Nelson...
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