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Course Schedule Spr 2010

Course Schedule Spr 2010 - Geol 1 Spring 2010 Tentative...

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Geol 1 – Spring 2010 Tentative Course Schedule All reading and homework assignments are due on the dates listed on the schedule. To avoid any problems, be sure to identify the assignment along with your name, Geol 1, and the instructor’s name on all homework turned in at class or the instructor’s mailbox in the Geology Department. All reading assignments listed below are from the textbook. Homework assignments listed are to be completed online at the companion website for the textbook: http://www.mharis.com/ . Additional homework assignments not listed on this sheet may be added or assigned in class. Week Date: Topic/Reading: Homework due: 1 Jan 27 Chapter 1: The Nature of Geology Register for online portion of the class: http://www.mharis.com/ 2 Feb 1 Chapter 2: Investigating Geologic Questions Ch. 1 & 2 3 Chapter 3: Plate Tectonics Ch. 3 A,B,C 3 8 Chapter 3: Plate Tectonics Ch. 3 D,E,F 10 Chapter 4: Earth Materials Ch. 4 4 15* Furlough Day—No Class 17 Chapter 4: Earth Materials 5 22 Chapter 5:
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