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BUS 1348, Section QU Nar TF Class number: -,, ,ire blank provided before the numbers. (1 pt each) variety of choices regarding where they can obtain a T Today's consumers have informatfon about a brand. . Noise is anything that distorts or disrupts a message and can occur at any stage in the communication process. _\ . An integrated marketing communications program should be viewed as an overall organizationg!,process rather than a marketing plan or marketing function, ,/ T 4, In addition to the traditional elements of advertising, sales promotions, and personal ies such as database marketing, direct marketing, illa marketing, and alternative marketing.
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Unformatted text preview: sample inamagazine while reading an ad, decoding is taking place. . Bill researches car stereos on the Internet and by visiting Best Buy. This is an brand tissues, but has now decided that all of is an example of brand parity, ,a-T {Co"u-Cola's consistent use of the same logo, theme, and colors on packages and in l. advertisenients is an example of an integrated marketing communications approach. Globally Integrated Marketing Communications plan creates a standard message across all d1-T1 Adaptation in a global advertising campaign means rewriting an advertisement to language and culture. fit the n of a given...
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