Syllabus_Spring_2008 - ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY - PSYCH 112...

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ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY - PSYCH 112 Spring 2008 Instructor : Dr. Rebecca Jedel Office : DMH 310 Class Time : Tue / Thur 12:00 pm – 1:15 am Phone : 408-202-2892 Dates : Jan 24 to May 8, 2008 email : [email protected] Room : DMH 355 Office Hrs : Thur. 11am - 12pm Required Text : Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood: A Cultural Approach , 3 rd Edition (2004). Arnett, Jeffrey, Prentice Hall: New Jersey. ISBN 0-13-111532-4. Web Site : Course Description : This course will provide a survey of the field of developmental psychology in adolescence. Adolescent development will be studied in across many domains including physical, intellectual, psychosexual, social and familial. Adolescent development as affected by the societal issues such as ethnicity, poverty, violence exposure, and mental health problems will also be areas of focus. The textbooks and lectures will be the main source of information. Use of various forms of media will help guide students’ learning. Class participation will be encouraged and expected. This course will emphasize the normal processes of development, but will also address atypical development and interventions. Course Requirements : Date Due Total Points Quizzes as indicated 100 (5 quizzes, 25 points each, drop lowest 1) In My Opinion Writing as indicated 50 (3 assignments, 25 points each, drop lowest 1) Midterm April 3 rd 50 Book/Movie Review May 13 th 100 _________ Total Points for Course 300 Lecture Outlines on Website It is required that all students download the lecture outlines that are posted on my website. The outlines need to be available to you (by having been printed or on your laptop) during each class. Lectures will be delivered at a relatively fast pace with the expectation that students will not need to copy down the outlines/definitions/highlights. Book or Movie Review
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Syllabus_Spring_2008 - ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY - PSYCH 112...

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