Notebook4 - Become aware of sensory input—colors, shapes,...

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Notebook Assignment #4: Heading Out (technically due Wednesday, March 3, but you may turn it in by Wednesday, March 10 with Notebook Assignment 5 due to my illness and absence earlier) This week, I would like you to find a place in “nature” (that term, for our purposes, is used very loosely). This can be a park, river, ocean, lake, wilderness area, or even nature within an urban landscape. There are even places on campus that can feel quiet and serene, especially late in the day or on a weekend. You may visit multiple places, or visit the same place more than once. Your job is to be a keen observer of this environment—sit and just look around for a few minutes, and get centered. Often we don’t notice small details of the world around us until we have a moment to sit and give permission to ourselves to be quiet for a time.
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Unformatted text preview: Become aware of sensory input—colors, shapes, sounds, whether it’s hot or cold out, etc. I’d like you to then describe whatever you are seeing, using strong sensory detail (you may even use simile and metaphor to describe what you are seeing and hearing). This hecan include small details—a crack in the sidewalk, the color and texture of a leaf, etc. If interesting people show up or something that veers away from the original assignment of “being in nature” happens, that’s fine—write it down! In addition, if memories or emotions come up during the writing, that’s fine—let the writing lead you where it wants to go. The writing may be purely descriptive, or end up being a more reflective piece. Please upload this to turnitin and include the usual rewrite of one piece of in-class writing (any you have done so far)....
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Notebook4 - Become aware of sensory input—colors, shapes,...

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