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Unformatted text preview: San José State University School of Journalism & Mass Communications APSC63/MCOM63: New Media Technologies Section 02 Fall 2008 Instructor W. Mei Fang Office location DBH 215 (By appointment) E-mail [email protected] (my preferred way of contact) Office hours By appointment (after class or during lunch time on weekdays) Class days/time Wednesday 9:00 AM – 11:45 AM Classroom DBH 226 Prerequisites None Blackboard CE6 Course materials and class communication are posted in Blackboard CE6 at http://sjsu6.blackboard.com/ Login information for new users: User ID: Your Tower Card number Password: fall Faculty Web Pages SJSU Faculty Web Page: http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty_and_staff/faculty_detail.jsp?id= 1773 JMC Faculty Page:http://jmcweb.sjsu.edu/fang/fang.html Personal Web Page My Background http://www.geocities.com/pandapaw99/ | Course Description and Goals | Learning Objectives | Descriptions for Projects | Grading Policy | Software and Hardware Requirements | Texts/Readings | Blackboard CE6 | Class Format | Course Responsibilities | Student Technology Resources | Dropping and Adding | University Policies | | Course Schedule | Course Description and Goals APSC63/MCOM63 New Media Technologies offers hands-on instruction in multimedia and emerging new media technologies. The goal is to learn to use new media technologies effectively for different types of communication. The scope of the course will cover application areas such as print and web page design; blogging; audio and video podcasting; and creation of multimedia presentations by combining text, photos, graphics, and video with audio. As a result, your digital, visual, and media literacy will be enhanced. Fall Semester 2008 Instructor: W. Mei Fang [email protected] Page 2 Of 9 Learning Objectives To successfully complete this course, students should be able to demonstrate the following abilities: Table 1 Illustrates learning objectives are linked with class activities and course deliverables. Means to Achieve Your Learning Objectives Learning Objective Activities Projects 1. To think critically and creatively about how new media technologies are changing traditional media for mass communication. Class discussions/ presentations/ peer reviews Blog Image editing Print design Web page design Audio podcast Video podcast 2. To manipulate attributes of text and images digitally in the context of new media communication. Blog Image editing Print design Web page design Video podcast 3. To visualize and communicate your ideas effectively in publishing media. a. print media Image editing Print design b. digital media Blog Image editing Web page design 4. To tell stories using audio and video media. Audio podcast Video podcast 5. To learn to use software and hardware as listed in the syllabus to accomplish your project goals....
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fall2008_syllabus2 - San José State University School of...

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