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reader response 3 - with almost anything imaginable I bring...

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12/4/04 Callaway Reader Response #3 Swollen Expectations I do feel that our sense of what we “need” has expanded far beyond either our earning power or the earth’s ability to accommodate us. Since World War II, the average home has grown from 750 square feet to 2300. In many of these homes, the garage space alone exceeds the size of an entire 1950s starter home. There are more cars than drivers in the U.S., and despite all the extra living space, the storage business is booming. Forty times larger than it was during the 1960s, the 12 billion dollar industry is larger than the American music industry. The more we can imagine having, the more we believe we need. There are all types of people who have different perspectives in life. Many people live lives where they must consume only the bare essentials, meanwhile others are living a life of luxury. I feel most people can afford to buy many different goods when they have enough money in excess. America is heading into a direction of providing people
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Unformatted text preview: with almost anything imaginable. I bring this up, because shopping is an easy habit to fall into. Those who shop, very often, buy things that they like, and not necessarily the things they need. Families fill up their home with different goods, because they enjoy all that they have. Soon enough, these wealthy families, replace and purchase different items that fill up their home. These households will keep some sort of storage whether it’s in the garage or a shed. The rise of storage businesses alarms me alone. It is difficult to imagine that these businesses have long time customers. People should not have to store their belongings for a long period of time. I feel the costs of renting storage can easily be eliminated if the people would not purchase so much. The sad thing is that people are paying to store the things that they do not use on a regular bases or have the use for. In regards to those living “comfortably”, they should learn to have limits on how much they buy....
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reader response 3 - with almost anything imaginable I bring...

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