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1 San Jose State University Department of Anthropology Instructor ANTH 100w Office Hours Dr. William Reckmeyer Writing Workshop MW 10:00-12:00; 2:30-3:00 CL 465 Spring 2009 Teaching Assistant 408-924-5342 (SJSU) M 6:00-8:45 PM Tunde Campbell DMH 162 Course Website Course Description This is an SJSU Studies Area Z (Written Communication II) workshop for students major- ing in Anthropology and Behavioral Science. It is only open to upper-division students that have successfully completed English 1A and 1B (or their equivalents) and passed the CSU’s Writing Skills Test. Good communication has always been basic to the human experience, but it has become more essential as the world grows more interdependent. Written forms of communication are still the primary mode for exchanging knowledge and perspectives about different issues and even the most accomplished writers find that it takes considerable time, focus, and effort to write well – especially when addressing the increasingly complex topics that characterize our global world. Course Learning Objectives This course is intended to help students develop and refine their writing skills so they can function effectively in an intensely information-oriented society. Our learning objectives reflect these general goals. Upon successful completion of this workshop, students will be able to demonstrate they possess the requisite organizing, writing, and editing skills to: conduct independent research using a mix of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources (including interviews and internet websites) evaluate, analyze, and criticize ideas and data encountered in multiple readings and expressed in different forms of discourse express insights and share information about important sociocultural topics by developing, synthesizing, and presenting ideas and data in a coherent and easily- understood manner organize, develop, and produce complete essays and other polished documents for a variety of scholarly, professional, and public audiences properly cite a variety of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources (including interviews and internet websites) using editorial standards for the discipline of anthropology as specified in the AAA Style Guide Our primary focus will be on honing the craft of writing more effective research papers, resumes/cover letters, and other short written assignments.
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2 Course Learning Activities This is an upper-division workshop, in which all students are expected to help each other individually and collectively accomplish these learning objectives through an integrated systemic teaching-learning framework. SJSU requires that students submit multiple assign- ments totaling total at least 8,000 works in all upper-division writing workshops. Together we will learn to improve our written communication skills through a combination of teach- ing, research, and practice that includes the following teaching-learning activities:
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ANTH_100w_Greensheet__2_2009_02_09 - San Jose State...

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