EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE - Summer 2010

EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE - Summer 2010 - POLS001 Summer 2010...

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POLS001 – Summer 2010 Professor Jackson EXAM 1 - STUDY GUIDE This exam will have 50 multiple choice questions worth one point each. These questions will be based on Chapters 1-5 of your textbook, and class lectures. This exam will be worth 18% of your total grade for this course. You will need to study both the textbook and lecture notes to do well on this exam. YOU SHOULD BRING TO THE EXAM: ± One scantron form (T&E 200 – the large, blue one) ± A pencil ± YOUR OWN handwritten notes (unlimited) – using someone else’s notes, typed or photocopied notes, will be considered a violation of the SJSU academic integrity policy (i.e., cheating) and may result in a grade of F in the course Ch. 1: Foundations of American Government ± Know the definitions of all key terms listed at the end of Ch.1 ± What are the general levels and trends in Americans’ political knowledge, trust in government, and political efficacy? ± What do citizens need most in order to effectively participate in the political process? ± Know the different forms of government – what form do we have? ± Be familiar with the differences between direct democracy and representative democracy – what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? ± How was democracy practiced in ancient Athens? ± How democratic is America today, and how has this changed since the founding of the country? ± Be familiar with the fundamental values that most Americans agree with, and the major political ideologies. Ch. 2:
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EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE - Summer 2010 - POLS001 Summer 2010...

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