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EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE - Summer 2010

EXAM 1 STUDY GUIDE - Summer 2010 - POLS001 Summer 2010...

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POLS001 – Summer 2010 Professor Jackson EXAM 1 - STUDY GUIDE This exam will have 50 multiple choice questions worth one point each. These questions will be based on Chapters 1-5 of your textbook, and class lectures. This exam will be worth 18% of your total grade for this course. You will need to study both the textbook and lecture notes to do well on this exam. YOU SHOULD BRING TO THE EXAM: One scantron form (T&E 200 – the large, blue one) A pencil YOUR OWN handwritten notes (unlimited) – using someone else’s notes, typed or photocopied notes, will be considered a violation of the SJSU academic integrity policy (i.e., cheating) and may result in a grade of F in the course Ch. 1: Foundations of American Government Know the definitions of all key terms listed at the end of Ch.1 What are the general levels and trends in Americans’ political knowledge, trust in government, and political efficacy? What do citizens need most in order to effectively participate in the political process? Know the different forms of government – what form do we have? Be familiar with the differences between direct democracy and representative democracy – what are the advantages and disadvantages of each? How was democracy practiced in ancient Athens? How democratic is America today, and how has this changed since the founding of the country? Be familiar with the fundamental values that most Americans agree with, and the major political ideologies.
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