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Chinese 1A Instructor: Dr. Yao Yao Fall 2009 Office: Clark Hall 410G Office Hours: 8:00—9:00 M.W.F 10:30—12:30 Fri. (408) 924-4613 [email protected] Textbooks : Chinese Link , Text and Workbook. Chinese Link is available in Traditional Character Version and Simplified Character Version. Students should determine which type of Chinese characters they want to learn and need to buy only one set of the text and workbook. Objective : This course is designed for those with no previous knowledge of Mandarin. Students will develop listening, speaking, reading and writing proficiency which includes the mastery of pinyin Romanization system as well as a writing vocabulary of 300 Chinese characters. We will not discuss grammar in the abstract at any length, but grammatical accuracy will be improved while the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing are developed. Exams will reflect the multifaceted approach to the course. Grading : Tests ……………………….….60% Workbook exercises………….….10% Class participation ………….
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