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Individual Report As a group, Mali worked extremely well together. All of the members pulled their own weight. As far as the other team, the Netherlands goes, there were a few things that I was concerned about, but at the end of the day they pulled together and got their work done. We got our project done and we did a fantastic job on it. Some of the negotiating factors were difficult, but we managed to press through them and move on relatively smoothly throughout the negotiation. Every single person contributed in different ways to this project. Although we didn’t always agree or see eye to eye, we found ways to compliment each other and work through our differences. Overall, I felt that the negotiation was a great success. Both parties got what
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Unformatted text preview: they wanted out of the project and it truly was a win-win situation. Getting ten people together is not always easy, but I felt that everyone was willing and passionate about what we were doing, and I almost felt as if we were really Amour D’or negotiating for our country. This was a great experience and activity for all of the people involved. It was also fun to get to learn more about these countries that we might not have ever heard of. I learned a lot about negotiations from this project and I hope to take this knowledge of the pain and triumphs associated with negotiations to my business profession after graduating from San Jose State....
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